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Written by Jessica Lewis, a fifth year student pursuing a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MS in Engineering Management.

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May 17, 2018

BioE Associate Professor Mark Niedre was awarded a patent for "Systems and methods for sensing, enumerating and imaging rare cells with diffuse light".

May 17, 2018

ECE/CCIS Associate Professor Yun "Raymond" Fu was awarded a patent for "Apparatus and method for extracting feature of image including object".

May 17, 2018

ECE Associate Professor Matteo Rinaldi was awarded 2 patents for nano- and microelectromechanical resonators.

May 17, 2018

MIE PhD candidate Aditya Pandit and Dr. Surendra M. Gupta’s paper titled "Identification and Prevention of Fraud for Remanufactured Products in Reverse Supply Chain" won the best...

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