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  • Affiliated Faculty, Chemical Engineering

  • University Distinguished Professor, Chemical Engineering
    biomaterials and medical implants for musculoskeletal systems, innovative biomaterials for regeneration medicine, tissue engineering
  • (1) Theoretical, computational and experimental investigations on enhanced micro/nanoscale thermal transport phenomena and cooling technology, (2) Enhanced optical, thermal, electromagnetic, mechanical and unique combinations of these properties of photonic metamaterials, (3) Electromagnetic fluctuation-induced van der Waals and/or Casimir interactions, (4) Design and fabrication of nanoengineered materials and structures, e.g., phase-change metamaterials-based thermal switches, nanoparticle-nanofiber composites, graphene-coated nanoplatelet composites, thin films, two/three-dimensional periodic surface gratings, (5) Applications in photonic metamaterials-based wavelength selective thermal emitters/absorbers or phase-change metamaterials-based thermal diodes/switches for thermal management, ocean monitoring and early detection of cancer biomarkers, solar energy harvesting systems, energy storage, and radiative cooling systems.
  • Advanced manufacturing; Multifunctional bio-inspired material from nature; Sustainable energy storage; Nano/micro fabrication of devices and materials; Bendable, implantable and biocompatible electronics; Application of sustainable biomaterial, like the cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin, in life science.
  • Associate Co-op Coordinator, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  • Education; engineering surfaces in order to integrate wide bandgap semiconductors with functional and multi-functional oxides, organic molecules, and/or biomaterials