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AIAA@NEU First General Meeting


200 Richards Hall

September 18, 2017 7:30 pm
September 18, 2017 7:30 pm

AIAA@NEU's first general meeting will be held on September 18th, 7:30PM at 200 Richards Hall.

Come and hear about exciting new projects, talk to leads and sign up!

  • Project Karman - Project Karman is Northeastern University AIAA’s entry into the University Space Race; an unofficial competition to be the first university to launch a rocket past the Von Karman line of space defined as 100km above sea level.
  • NASA Student Launch - A research-based, competitive and experiential exploration project that provides relevant and cost-effective research and development to support the Space Launch System, or SLS
  • Liquid Rocket EngineAIAA is working on our very own liquid rocket engine. To date, we have only ever used solid rocket engines. Join this project if you are interested in liquid propulsion, engine design, designing test stands, chemical systems, or very difficult technical challenges in general.
  • Mechanical Separation - The goal of the mechanical separation project is to develop an alternative method of rocket separation that does not rely on the use of chemical reactions or consumable resources (excluding batteries). A mechanically separating rocket will be able to launch and recover several times, requiring only a new propulsion motor (and perhaps batteries) between flights.
  • Delta VTOL - The goal of this project is to design build and fly a fully functioning remote-control vertical takeoff and landing, “VTOL,” aircraft. This aircraft will take off vertically in a multirotor configuration then convert to forward flight using a fixed wing configuration. This aircraft will also be able to fly autonomously to GPS waypoints using the onboard flight computer.
  • Fixed Wing - A continuation of last year’s project to build a fixed-wing, unmanned aerial vehicle (RC plane). AIAA will be participating in a RC plane competition, join this team if you want to help build and fly RC planes!