Experiential Learning

Experiential learning integrates the classroom and the real world. Our programs engage students through professional work, research, and service around the world. They learn how to transform ideas into impact and become global citizens with successful careers.

Experiential learning, anchored by our signature cooperative education program, lies at the heart of a Northeastern education.

Our broad mix of experience-based education programs—including co-op, student research, service learning, and global learning—build the connections that enable students to transform their lives. These connections enrich classroom studies, fuel intellectual and personal growth, and provide students with opportunities to explore their path and discover their passion.

Co-op experiences instill the professional knowledge, understanding, and confidence that lead to a lifetime of success. Research collaborations enable students to be knowledge creators and gain insight into the process of discovery. Service learning raises students' consciousness of community and prepares them to pursue an engaged, ethical life. Global learning readies them for a landscape that increasingly requires an international worldview and familiarity with other cultures.

These points of real-world engagement—at a university that is a world leader in experiential learning—means that our students are better prepared to succeed in the lives they choose. It's the Northeastern difference.

  • Global Experiences

    COE offers several ways that students can broaden their cultural horizons.

  • Student Research

    Do cutting-edge research with faculty who are among the best in their fields.

  • Service Learning

    Apply classroom concepts to empower people and communities worldwide.