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For Employers - The Northeastern Advantage

A Distinctive Approach

Northeastern University’s distinctive approach to integrating rigorous classroom study with real–world experience creates a far more powerful way to learn.  Our signature cooperative education program (aka “co-op”) is not about getting a job, but rather it is an approach to intellectual and professional growth and career success that demands continual learning and integration.  When students leave Northeastern, they are prepared to apply knowledge and skills to unfamiliar tasks and activities in new, authentic contexts and continue to learn in a work-based environment.  Our model produces graduates who are critical thinkers, globally aware, confident, and self-directed learners.  They are professionals fully prepared to engage in, contribute to and eventually become leaders in the global workforce.  

Leverage the Northeastern Competitive Advantage

Our co-op coordinators are dedicated to collaborating with employers to develop innovative and meaningful programs to engage our talented students.  We deliver an individualized approach to building and maintaining partnerships that contribute to the employers’ success.  Our various recruitment options provide employers with cost effective approaches to hiring, training, evaluating and on-boarding talent.  In an economy in which companies compete for top talent with the technical skills most in demand, co-op provides a pipeline of professionals and a competitive edge in solving today’s business problems.

College of Engineering Programs

Engineering students from the following majors now participate in co-op:

Departmental Bachelors/Masters/PhD Programs

  • Bioengineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Energy Systems
  • Engineering Management
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Operations Research
  • Robotics
  • Sustainable Building Systems

Multidisciplinary Masters Programs

  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Information Systems
  • Telecommunication Networks

Benefits of Cooperative Education

The benefits of participating in the co-op program include:

  • hiring students who contribute to the workplace on a full-time basis
  • bringing a new sense of energy and perspective to your organization
  • providing fresh ideas, enthusiasm and positive attitudes
  • students who are eager to work on special projects or new initiatives
  • state of the art technical skills to solve today’s business problems

Partnership with Northeastern

A partnership with Northeastern provides you with:

  • access to motivated and ambitious undergraduate and graduate co-op students
  • direct access to resumes of interested students
  • a dedicated co-op faculty focused on student and employer success
  • a cost effective strategy for workforce development
  • an effective way to free up current employees to take on specialized projects

Co-op Hiring Process

Employing a Northeastern Co-op Student (Student-Employee): Six Steps to Get Started

  1. Identify your needs
    A co-op director can advise you about the skill level of students now available.
  2. Connect with your co-op coordinator
    Each co-op job is assigned to one of the 70+ co-op coordinators, each of whom works with students in a particular college and major. Your co-op coordinator may also refer students from other majors/colleges, depending on the nature and requirements of the job.
  3. Review resumes
    Co-op coordinators will forward to you the resumes of interested students for the job you posted. You select the students to interview that best fit the skills for the position and communicate directly with the student.
  4. Interview candidates
    You may conduct candidate interviews either at your place of employment, by phone or Skype (if unable to meet in person) or on Northeastern University’s campus (we have a state-of-the-art employer lounge and office space for conducting interviews.)
  5. Hire, train, and oversee student(s)
    You make the final selections/offers and communicate directly with the student. After the student begins their co-op job, you will provide the necessary orientation, expectations and job training that is needed to succeed in the job.
  6. Evaluate the co-op student(s) (often referred to as “student-employee”)
    You will complete an online evaluation form and exit interview at the end of the assigned co-op period for each student you have managed.

Are you ready to post a co-op on our internal job database?  If so, click here.

Solving Present Problems and Cultivating Future Talent

In addition to meeting your company’s present needs, co-op is a great way to supplement your technical workforce and develop your future employee pool.  Consider it a trial period before you make a full-time job offer and commitment.

Co-op Team

Our dedicated co-op team embraces opportunities to collaborate with employers to develop innovative, powerful and meaningful programs to engage our talented students.  We believe our individualized approach to building and maintaining partnerships contributes to your success and ours.

Our Employer Relations Team can help you build your talent pipeline and leverage the Northeastern Advantage by:

  • discussing your recruitment needs and suggesting potential majors that would be a good fit for your organization
  • offering advice on how best to raise the visibility of your organization on the Northeastern campus
  • scheduling on-campus recruiting and campus events and activities that work best with your schedule

Employers, please contact: